Approximate Weaning Times

Megan with Mango who
now lives with Denise
in Long Beach, CA

On your search to find your new baby bird, you probably have heard the word wean quite a bit. Wean is when a baby bird no longer is dependent on its parent (or handfeeder) for food and can consume food completely on its own. Below is a schedule by species to give you a general idea around the time a baby would wean as each species is different.

Weaning time is the average time from when the baby hatches to the time it eats on its own. Now this doesn't mean that a baby African Grey will wean exactly at 14 weeks. Each baby is its own individual and what age a bird weans at varies. Remember, the chart is to give you a general idea, not an exact time.

We abundance wean our babies - this means that we allow our babies to wean at their own pace rather then force wean them by a calendar schedule. We cannot predict the exact weaning date in advance but rather give you an overall average idea based on our experience with that species.

Once the baby is eating 100% on its own, we keep the baby for 7 days to monitor its weight and food intake as we want to ensure it will eat after it leaves our nursery.

Approximate weaning time
African Grey Congo
about 14 weeks
Black Headed
White Bellied
13 - 15 weeks
Crimson Bellied
Sun Conure
11- 13 weeks
12-14 weeks (sun)
Solomon Island
Red Sided
13 - 18 weeks (Solomons earlier than Vos)