Shipping Birds

We ship our birds!

We ship our birds on the airlines using plastic pet kennels. To these kennels we add low perches as well as provide dishes for moist fruits and veggies to keep the baby hydrated. We also add a mixture of seeds/pellets to last several days. So the baby feels secure we tape shade cloth to the openings to darken the crate. What I like about using the plastic crate is the fact that it can be reused for future trips.

Our babies are exposed to so much activity in our home and nursery that going on a plane ride is just another activity filled day. Although traveling is not that stressful on our babies, we do not like to make them spend any more time than they absolutely have to in transit. Therefore we schedule the shortest route and if possible direct flights. We take into account weather and transit time. We ship only when we feel it is safe to do so and only if the temps are between 45 and 85 degrees fahrenheit at the receiving end or as required by the airline.

Our preferred airline is Delta's Pet First. Birds are usually picked up at the cargo dept. and you would need a photo I.D. to claim your bird. We make the reservations as early as 7 days in advance. Once this is confirmed, we will send you all the information necessary for you to claim your bird. We charge you the cost of the crate which is $30-$35 depending on the species. Total cost of shipping usually runs about $150.

We ship out of Ontario International Airport. However, if we can accomplish a better route through San Diego International we will ship out of that location. We do require an additional $45 to the shipping cost to cover gas expense as it is a 200 mile round trip for us to ship from there.

We ship Monday-Thursday to avoid weekend travelers. Most flights usually arrive in the evening time.

Health Certificate
Should a health certificate be required, we have an avian-certified veterinarian who will perform the check and issue the health certificate. We can also arrange a full well-bird examination, if you would like. These are at an additional charge to the buyer. Upon arrival, Don't Forget to Call us to let us know your baby bird arrived safely !

Receiving a new baby is very exciting, and we are just as anxious to know that the baby's arrival was on-time and without incident. We would greatly appreciate a call from the airport upon pick-up.

**Shipping costs are subject to change as the airlines up their rates