Sun Conures

Aratinga solstitialis solstitialis

Babies 1st feathers are olive-green.
by one year of age it will be a
mixture of yellowish-orange

Sun Conures are absolutely beautiful birds. Brilliant yellow, red, orange, green, and blue feathers make up the Sun. Baby Sun Conures will not get the brighter colors until they are close to one year. They will undergo several molts, each time, losing the greens and replacing them with the brighter yellow-orange coloring. This serves as a safety mechanism for young in the wild. Suns live about 30 years and are approximately 12 inches in size from head to tail.

The Sun is considered as the next step up for the person looking for a larger parrot. They are known as "little Macaws" with their big bird personilities wrapped up in a little package. Although cheaper than the bigger parrots, they are just as intelligent and have so much to offer.

The Sun Conure is playful and affectionate by nature. They are very social birds and thrive on companionship. They love to be in the middle of everything, so if you are just looking for a pretty bird to look at in a cage, a conure is definitely not for you. These little guys consider their human as part of their flock and expect to be included in day-to-day activities.

If ignored, Suns will sure let you kow with their loud, screetchy noise. We often get calls for people who fall in love with the Sun Conure "look" and want to purchase a baby but have no idea that such a little body can carry a very big voice. If the loud screetch is not for you, I would recommend the Green-Cheek Conures, which are known as the quieter of the Conures.

Sun Conure Babies from 2009

4-week old Sun Conures
just starting to feather

Babies at 3-weeks of age.
Lots of growth in a matter of weeks

Sun Conures are very inquisitive
Always wanting to be part of the action

"Sally" Can get very protective
of her young.

They love to play and require lots of toys

Sun Conures are very affectionate
They also love to cuddle

Watch a Baby Grow

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