Conures as Pets

Conures in General

Weaned Sun Conure Babies at Play

Conures have to be one of our favorite avian species. Conures aren't too big in size, but they sure have a "Big Bird" personality! They are fun, interactive, intelligent, curious, stubborn, affectionate, absolutely beautiful and like all birds, definitely messy :) There are so many different species of Conures available now in the pet market. Conures are originaly from Mexico, South and Central America. There are several genus of Conures. We breed from 2 groups: Aratinga, which includes the Sun Conure and Pyrrhuras which includes the Green-cheeked conure mutations and the Crimson Bellied Conure.

Yellow-Sided Green-Cheek
Conures love to hang upside down!

When handled properly conures make wonderful pets and are great for some children. They love to play, chew, and explore new things. Lots of toys are recommended to keep them busy. They also love to cuddle, snuggle, and even lay on their backs. They are really smart and can learn many tricks if given some training. Similar to other parrots, conures are very social and require daily interaction. If they have nothing to do they will become bored and behavioral issues can start. The more activity they are surrounded with the happier they will be. Conures in the Aratinga group are much louder than those in the Pyrrhura group - so keep this mind when choosing a conure. Some conures can talk fairly but they usually do not articulate as clearlyl as other birds such as African Greys, etc.

Turquoise Green-Cheek Mutation
As usual we recommend the largest cage you can find to house a conure. A wider cage is better than a taller one. A good minimun size cage would be 18" all around for the smaller Green-Cheeks and 24" all around for the Suns/Crimson Bellied. Cage bars should be spaed 1/2" to 3/4". Make sure the bird cannot get his head stuck between the bars.

Green Cheek Transformation

Below are pictures from a baby Yellow-Sided Greencheek from birth to weaning age. "Jewel" now lives with Jessie.

10 days old in the nest box

18 days old

28 days old

32 days old

40 days old

57 days old

Hanging Out with Kaylee

"Jewel" Living with his new Parront, Jessie
in Quail Valley, CA

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