Green-Cheeked Conure Mutations

Pyrrhura molinae

Meet "Frank" and "Lori"
Yellow-Sided Green Cheeks

Green-Cheeks are one of our favorites of the Conure group. They are quieter than the Aratinga Conures (Sun) and are loaded with personality and attitude. Although they are smaller birds, they still need a lot of room to play and lots of stimulating toys to keep them occupied. Green-Cheeks come in lots of colors. These varieties are not hybrid but gene mutations which basically means that the bird's color has been changed from the original color. It is a naturally occurring color variation within a species. To learn a more indepth explanation of mutations, click here.

Green Cheeks are little 10 inch birds with big attitudes. These little guys are fearless enough to challenge the biggest bird, yet sweet-natured, playful and intelligent. Some of the mutations we breed are Yellow-Sided, Turquoise, and Pineapple.

Green-Cheeks are very curious birds

Turquoise Green-Cheek

Always wanting to be part of the action

GC babies are very small

Conures have a bare patch of skin
circling their eyes

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