Emails from Our Buyers

Our babies in their new homes!

At times we are asked for references of people that have purchased our birds. We have so many wonderful people acquire baby birds from us. We received many emails and updates from our babies in their new homes. We love to hear how our babies are doing and look forward to updates and pics. Below are reports from the people who share a home with our babies.


Sun Conure that went home with a great couple Brad and Ronda:

He's been a great addition - already establishing that his preferred place is out of the cage and on either my or Ronda's shoulder. The only pouting/depression is when it's time to go back in the cage and go to bed. Other than that he's been just fantastic. A real little joy!! Thanks so much!


Emily is now sharing a home with a White-Face Cockatiel:

She's home and settled now, and seems to be enjoying her new place! We named her Nimbus and she's already playing with her toys and so far hasn't napped yet. She was very good on the drive home and is super cute! Thanks for everything; she seems like a wonderful hand-raised bird.

Hi, Nimbus is doing very well! She likes having her head scratched and enjoys going in the shower on her shower perch - we're both very attached to her, and she's definetely made herself at home.


Two Sun Conures sharing their home with a great family:

Hi Carina, Just wanted to let you know how the birds are doing. They found their food right away, as well as their water. They seem to be very happy! They sure love to eat! They sleep throughout the night without making a peep, and know when I come home because they make noise when I walk in the door... ready to come out! They are giving lots of kisses, and love to just sit with us while we watch television. I will let you know if anything else comes up... I am sure I will have questions as time goes on! Thanks! Have a great day! Kristen


Oh yes I figured out the bath thing because they were dipping themselves in the water bowls! It was so fun to watch! I figured 106 would be lonely... I hope he\she finds a good home soon. Frankie (109) knows my son's voice now, and makes noise until he takes him out of the cage. Phoenix (108) has christened us all by pooping on us (and the furniture), and loves to climb in our shirts to hide. They definitely have different personalities! We love them so much! Thank you again.


Albino Cockatiel sharing a home with Becky in Palm Springs, CA:

OMG! What a joy this little guy is. "Snow" has taken well to his new home.
He loves to hang out on my shoulder and is learning to whistle the tune of "jingle bells".
He is such a joy and so much fun! Thanks for everything.


"Mr. Pinky" Goffin Cockatoo, sharing a home with Sandee and her son Sean in Riverside, CA:

OMG!!! I am in SOOOO much trouble you would not believe... Of course Sean is already crazy about him. Kadee, our dog, and Mr. Pinky are afraid of each other. The cockatiels are afraid too. It's kind of funny. I'm taking him to get his nails done today, he is so well behaved. It was like the 3 Stooges here. I'm in love with him already. Thank you so much for everything. Best!


Red Sided Eclectus, sharing a home with Norma in Los Angeles, CA:

Hi Carina, I wanted to let you know that "Ricky" is a wonderful boy. He is playing with his toys and seems to love his cage. He is so playful and everyone here can handle him with no problems. We are so thrilled with him.