Caiques as Pets

Young WB Caiques

Caiques are simply not the type of bird that can be left in a small cage and expected to create its own type of entertainment. They require a large amount of human interaction and assorted toys to fill their curiosity.
"George" WB Caique
They are very energetic and entertainig birds. Caiques tend to be good whistlers, however, they are not known as great talkers.

Caiques have an amazing amount of energy. So you will need to provide lots of toys and a fair amount of time out of their cage and human interaction. Other than appearance, the two species of Caiques have similar personalities and make great pets. Deciding which species to choose really comes down on what you find more appealing. Caiques are sexually monomorphic, which means you cannot tell a male from a female just by looking at them. A simple DNA test is done to determine sex. We provide this test at no additional cost to you.

We often get asked what size of cage does a Caique require. Our answer, "the biggest one you can get!" As we mentioned earlier, caiques are very active-energetic birds that like to move around. You need a cage big enough to add a large selection of toys to keep your caique busy. The smallest cage size should be no more than 24"x36"x24" with the cage bars no more than 3/4".

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