About Caiques

"Roberto" BH Caique

Caiques (pronounced "KY-EEK") are a small parrot from South America measuring about 9" tall and have a life expectancy of about 40 years. They live in flocks in the canopies of trees. They are very active, lively , and have curious-inquisitive personalities. They are know as the clowns of the bird world. All caique species have a white belly, and only one takes its name from that specific feature: the white-bellied caique (it is also known as Yellow Thighed Caique). There are 2 subspecies widely available in the United States: White-Bellied and the Black-Headed Caique.

Black Headed Caique

Pionites melanocephala

The black-headed caique has a green back, wings, and tail, a white belly, and the top half of the head is black which makes it seem like the bird is wearing a Zorro-type mask. Between the eye and the beak a thin green stripe can be found. The thigs and the lower half of the head are orange in color. Their eyes are reddish-orange with a patch of bare greyish skin surrounding them and beaks are gray.

"Gracie" WB Caique

White-Bellied Caique

Pionites leucogaster xanthomeria
Young WB Caique

The White-Bellied Caique, also known as the Yellow-Thighed Caique, has an orange-yellow coloring on the top of the head to the back of the neck. The sides of the head, throat, and thighs are yellow. The back, wings, and tail are bright green. The eyes are reddish-orange with a ring of bare skin surrounding them.

Young Caiques have black feathering mixed with the orange feathers at the top of the head. As the bird ages, these feathers molt out and turn orange.

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