Tour of our Aviary!!!

Visiting our Aviary

George & Gracie

All of our babies can be viewed at our home by appointment only. We do not give tours or allow the general public in our breeder areas for several reasons.

  1. Diseases
    There are many diseases that can be brought in from people to our birds. We must be careful to not expose our birds of diseases that can be potentially brought in by a vistor (especially if the individual has been exposed to other birds). These diseases can be brought in by clothing and shoes worn from a visitor. This can easily destroy a flock of birds. We are very attached to our breeder pairs. they are part of our family; therefore, we must take every precaution to protect them from any possible disease.

  2. Disruption to our Flock
    Birds breed best when they feel safe and undisturbed (amongst other factors). Almost all birds rely on a routine and moving outside of their routine can disrupt and upset them. To breeeding birds a stranger moving about their environment poses a general danger. In turn this can cause breeding birds to destroy eggs and even destroy their own babies (not to mention upseting them).

  3. Guido & Sally

  4. Security
    I know of at least two breeders who have had birds stolen due to an aviary tour.

Our birds are our family members. It would devestate us tremendously to lose one due to carelesness on our part when we know better and what is best for them.

So with that being said, you are more than welcome to move on to our virtual tour of our breeders! (coming soon!)