Welcome to our Aviary!!!

Avian West Exotics

Alyssa with a baby Sun Conure

At Avian West we specialize in raising very sweet, well-socialized handfed parrots. When we decided to breed birds, we settled on the birds we enjoy the most as pets. We only breed from the following species:

  1. Congo African Greys
  2. Eclectus:
    • Red Sided
    • Vosmaeri
    • Soloman
  3. Conures:
    • Crimson Bellied
    • Turquoise Green Cheek Mutation
    • Sun
  4. Caiques:
    • Black Headed
    • White Bellied

We are situated in the beautiful hills of Gavilan Springs, CA. We are a small family hobby aviary where everyone has hands on on all aspects of each baby bird's development and life. I have four young daughters that are just as involved as I am. We also produce babies in small numbers so every baby is given personal attention and interaction. We also make sure that all of our breeders get individual attention as well. All of our breeders are used to interacting with us. They have conversations with us daily!.

All of our babies are parent raised for the first 2-3 weeks of life and are then handfed and raised in our busy home with lots of love and attention. They are closed banded and given the best possible diet. All are abundance weaned onto veggies, sprouts, soak and cooked mix, pellets and some seeds. We strongly believe that birds are more trusting and confident as they developed by allowing them the opportunity to fully fledge while weaning. Once a baby has learned the ability of flight we then gradually clip the wings to reduce take off. By this time the baby is just about ready to leave for their new home.

Babies at 3 weeks

We have been been breeding birds for over six years and aboslutely love every aspect of it. To experience a baby hatch and to witness the miracle of parenthood from our breeders to the moment those babies enter our home for further development and to the time they leave to their wonderful new homes. We cherish every aspect and every moment we spend with each bird. Usually our babies sell quickly, during hand feeding. If you would like to reserve one of our babies, please contact us for availability. Our website is still in its infancy and is a work in progress. We plan on uploading many articles and videos so please check back often!